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siren's pull; character reserves
default: name of the game
Reserves are CLOSED.
Applications are CURRENTLY CLOSED and will open JANUARY 1st.



Only 100 places will be reserved! After 100 spots have been filled, we will not take anymore officially on the list. The first 100 reserves will be permitted to post their application on the 1st of January. No one outside of these 100 people, appearing on the list below, may submit applications on January 1st.

After 24 hours, if there are still application slots open, anyone may apply.

Only ONE reserve per person, please.

If you have made a reserve and decide you will not be applying, please reply to your reserve comment asking to be removed. We will remove your reserve and place the person next in line on the reserve list. You may continue to post holds for reserves even after the reserve spots are full. IF someone drops the person next in line will be taken. If your name is not on the Official List by the first of the month you do not hold an official reserve and can only apply after the first 24 hours that applications are open.

The reserves page will open at 12:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST/GMT -7). Any reserves posted before this time will be deleted without notice, so please pay attention to the time! This is to give everyone an equal chance at posting their reserve.

Remember, you CAN post an application with out a reserve, but only on January 2nd. Character challenges can only be done during the Reserve stages. Once applications are open and reserves are closed challenges can not be made. When a challenge has been made only those on the reserve page may post their applications. Challenged applications will be processed once all challenges are in or after applications have closed.

All reserves will be cleared at the end of the open app cycle on the 8th of each month in preparation for the next open month.

If reservers, current or prospective, have any questions, please contact a mod via IM, PM, or email, and we'll be happy to answer specific questions about your reserve.

PLEASE REMEMBER!: Siren's Pull is a fast moving game with a high turn over rate. Because of this we ask that you make sure you are positive you want to play your character! We all want people who can put the time, effort and interest into playing. These new reserve and application measures have gone into effect because of such high game demand. We're trying to be fair to everyone so please take that into consideration when you apply.

Also, a lot of people track the Reserves Page. We understand that players get very excited over new reserves, but please refrain from posting large amounts of comments on any given reserve. In particular, please avoid roleplaying and carrying on long conversations on the reserves page, as these kinds of things can make the reserves page confusing for page maintainers and other players or prospective players. Thank you.

Please use this form to post your reserve with.
The text box helps maintainers in posting your reserve!

Currently Reserved Characters: 100

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
character name: Lotus
name: Manda
contact info:

Ace Attorney
Character name: Manfred von Karma
name: Cinders
contact info: excinis_cineris

character name: Kristoph Gavin
name: Steve
contact info: darkspineshadow

character name: Miles Edgeworth
name: Hope
contact info: DISCO LAWYER @ AIM

character name: Phoenix Wright
name: Simme
contact info: simmeon

character name: Vera Misham
name: Natalie
contact info: PM or Plurk: Magyums

Adventure Time
character name: Lumpy Space Princess
name: Thleen
contact info:

character name: Marceline the Vampire Queen
name: Takato
contact info: soulscandalous | milesforking @ AIM

Atlas Shrugged
character name: Henry Rearden
name: H.
contact info:

character name: Maria Barcelito
name: Siberia
contact info: frostedbasilisk

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
character name: Tara Maclay
name: Rose
contact info: devotedsister
or aroseblazing on AIM

Code Geass
character name: C.C.
name: Ashe
contact info: AIM: Nepenthian Sin

character name: Riful of the West
name: Leah
contact info: hotforbabyleg, formalleah @ AIM

Darker than BLACK
character name: Hei/Li Shenshung/BK-201
name: Metro
contact info: metrometric

DC Comics
character name: Conner Kent
name: Rylie
contact info: PM theteenofsteel

character name: Hugo Strange
name: anna
contact info: either annarcotic on aim or welp on plurk

character name: Julian Day / Calendar Man
name: Zoe
contact info: aim: zmpeccadillo

character name: Jonathan Crane | The Scarecrow
name: Tiny
contact info: Onlyafleshw0und @ AIM / x_shuu

character name: The Midnighter
name: Cris
contact info: ensigncris @ / ffffudgesicles (AIM)

Doctor Who
character name: The Master
name: Ans
contact info: kindascary

character name: Vincent van Gogh
name: Liz
contact info: rizumcbutt

character name: Aurican
name: Devi
contact info: Devimelete @ plurk

Ex Machina
character name: Mitchell Hundred
name: Jill
contact info: ironjill or ComeHereHand on AIM or Hundreds @Plurk

Fight Club
character name: The Narrator
name: Nai
contact info: nai_is_not (via PM), AIM - Nai is Not

Final Fantasy IV
character name: Kain Highwind
name: Lisa
contact info: PM comrade_phyre

Final Fantasy VII
character name: Zack Fair
name: Bun
contact info: AIM - Bunearying

Final Fantasy XII
character name: Larsa Ferrinas Solidor
name: Alex/Replica
contact info: mikata_lian

character name: Penelo
name: Amy
contact info: PM or sakurasummons @ plurk

Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
character name: Takiko Okuda
name: Kris
contact info: Isofonia

Fullmetal Alchemist
character name: Winry Rockbell
name: Lucie
contact info: PM or

character name: Brittany Pierce
name: Xae
contact info: xaetel

character name: Finn Hudson
name: Shannon
contact info: newagedavinci (aim) ; black_angel_ (plurk)

character name: Quinn Fabray
name: Adi
contact info: rainblessed

Harry Potter
character name: James Potter
name: Javits
contact info: javits

character name: Seras Victoria
character import: lamiaunderlaw @ neo_rpg
name: Manda
contact info: katamanda @ plurk

Hellsing: The Dawn
character name: Alucard
name: Mish
contact info: noblesseoblige Aim: Blueyedmatador

character name: Bro Strider
name: Pinstripes
contact info: AIM: cyberneticitrus

character name: Davesprite
name: Strider
contact info: stabletimeloops

character name: Equius Zahhak
name: Ash
contact info:
lj: satyrtoast
aim: icarus tripped

character name: Eridan Ampora
name: jillie
contact info: jilliejellyjam @ AIM

character name: Feferi Peixes
name: Nevi
contact info: funerals

character name: Jade Harley
name: harley
contact info: grimtricks

RESERVE CHALLENGE: character name: Jade Harley
name: zephy
contact info: aim: asterismic

RESERVE CHALLENGE 2: character name: Jade Harley
name: Ru
contact info: AIM: tsun your dere

character name: Jake English
name: Ruru
contact info: Noondayclock @ AIM

character name: Kanaya Maryam
name: Glass
contact info: glasssubway

character name: Nepeta Leijon
name: shelly
contact info: jellyhotgods (AIM)

character name: Orphaner Dualscar
name: mekky
contact info: AIM: free verses

character name: Rose Lalonde
name: Yukina
contact info: OkamiAmaterasu66 [AIM]

character name: Sollux Captor
name: Devit
contact info:

character name: Tavros Nitram
name: Kiwi
contact info: sandandzephyr

How To Train Your Dragon
character name: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
name: MK
contact info: mushpot, AIM @ MMKIII

character name: Toothless
name: gab!
contact info: pm narcotizes

Hunter x Hunter
character name: Killua Zoldyck
name: Alice
contact info: (aim) faithsurged, (plurk) ventilate

If the slots aren't already filled...

Katamari Damacy
character name: The King of All Cosmos
name: Lauren
contact info: AIM - flansysglasses

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
character name: Byakuran
name: danielle
contact info: pm obsceno

Kingdom Hearts
character name: Larxene
name: Pan
contact info: panpirate
Aim: Panishment

character name: Vanitas
name: Kirsche
contact info: fulguratus

character name: Hannah Anafeloz
name: Isandra
contact info: AIM @Isandraaa

character name: Sebastian Michaelis
name: Rebecca
contact info: Plurk @ maudit_maestro

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
character name: Zelda
name: Kt
contact info: oduro

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
character name: Midna
character import: ofthetwili @ sirenspull
name: Nicole
contact info: risingfalls

character name: Sophie Devereaux
name: Kerry
contact info: boxeddreams @ plurk

Disney's The Lion King
character name: Sarabi
name: Ana
contact info: crown_of_guilt || anakhathesilver @ AIM || anakha @ plurk

character name: Alice Morgan
name: Dee
contact info: madimpossible@aim/gmail

character name: John Luther
name: Allie
contact info: aim/email:

Magic Kaito
character name: Aoko Nakamori
character import: whiteribboned @ re_fated
name: K
contact info: twistofmoirae at Gmail

character name: Kaito Kuroba
character import: pansbox @ re_fated
name: Styx
contact info: anesidorian

character name: Harry Osborn
name: gabbie
contact info: PM supergabbie and AIM @ howdoishotbombs

character name: Wolverine
name: Kati
contact info: PM or email finkmuses at gmail dot com

character name: Naruto Uzumaki
character import: unfeasible @ neo_rpg/sirenspull
name: Sam
contact info: sammywhatammy

Neon Genesis Evangelion
character name: Ryoji Kaji
name: Jack
contact info: PM jacksterson

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
character name: Travis Touchdown
name: rex
contact info: aim: the exrayaok, plurk here

character name: Amaterasu
name: Ky
contact info: plurk: gatodefuego

Persona 3
character name: Yukari Takeba
name: Lock!
contact info: clockedtime

Persona 4
character name: Kanji Tatsumi
name: Pana
contact info: pana

character name: Megabyte
name: Sipp
contact info: Sippycup @ Plurk

Skies of Arcadia
character name: Fina
name: Sarah
contact info: plurk

Skin Deep
character name: Alec Hyde
name: Terry
contact info:

character name: Xellos
name: Peter
contact info: BenignEvildoer (AIM)

So NoTORIous
character name: Tori Spelling
name: Kichi
contact info: endowedcaptain

Soul Eater
character name: Soul Eater Evans
character import: sonatas_edge @ luceti
name: Charlie
contact info: pirateblaze [at] gmail [dot] com

Star Trek
character name: Leonard "Bones" McCoy
name: Lissa
contact info: aim: lunariven

Scott Westerfeld's Succession Duology
character name: The House
name: Isabelle or Vibishan
contact info: vibishantheshiny on aim is best

character name: Dean Winchester
name: Folded
contact info: mockeryx Aim: snowclawx, plurk; skyheron

character name: Death
name: Exxie
contact info: Plurk | lunaticthirteens

character name: Lilith
name: Eee
contact info: Email: || AIM: JackOfHartsHeart || Skype: JackOfHartsHeart || Plurk: ThatsHarassment

Tiger & Bunny
character name: Barnaby Brooks Jr
name: tegu
contact info: kujiecoo@aim, tegukaa@gmail

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
character name: Kamina
name: Freya
contact info: stimulant

To Aru Majutsu No Index
character name: Kamijou Touma
name: Nameless
contact info: pm fukou_da or

Transformers: Animated
character name: Swindle
name: Jen
contact info:

character name: Spider Jerusalem
name: Candy
contact info: pyramidzombie @ plurk

character name: Alice Cullen
name: Hannah/Murph
contact info: plurk & aim: hkmmurph

character name: Isabella Swan
name: Colee
contact info: humancentiqueef

Umineko no Naku Koro ni
character name: Ikuko Hachijo
name: Katie
contact info: oduro

The Vampire Diaries
character name: Damon Salvatore
name: Neu
contact info: pm: afatalist • email: neu [at]

character name: Katherine Pierce
name: Lexiel
contact info: lenavoit ; AIM: lenavoit31

World of Warcraft
character name: Sylvanas Windrunner
name: CC
contact info: phyrexians

character name: Jin Uzuki
name: Wilhelm
contact info: lathernia (AIM)

character name: KOS-MOS
name: Tracy
contact info: AIM - turbotracy14

Young Justice
character name: Artemis Crock
name: Betsy
contact info: email: oakashandwillow (at) gmail (dot) com pm: be_themoon


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